I have been unemployed for a while due to the economy in California and have a car loan with these ***holes veros credit. They agreed to give me a payment reduction on my account which I must say was very small but has taken two months so far to even get the change applied.

I made many many phone calls to the ***holes they were all very unproffesional at at the Santa Ana branch in CA. They also kept on requesting the same information over and over again even after sending it in 2 months ago via fax. To top it off the ****ing manager calls me on the 28th of the month at 6pm and tells me I need some paper work back from you before we can reduce your payment because your payment is due on the 30th talk about unproffesional.

Guess what no paper work was ever sent to me they had 5 weeks to send it out. Never get a loan from these *** that pray on the poor they for sure a parasite to society.

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Santa Ana, California, United States #703880
they are very improfessional i ask to speack to a manager and the rep kept telling me that she is not going to transfer me and there is nothing i can do, she was verry rud, and even when i got around her and was able to be transfered to the manager's voice mail and left her a message to be kind and call me back but she never did, really regret getting the loan from them i will never recommend them to anyone :? . real peaces of JUNK ....
San Diego, California, United States #683700

Oh my God, I thought it was just me, this is the most unprofessional staff I have ever seen or dealt with in all of my 20+ years of professional career. They need to got to customer service training and stay for 10 years.

When you call to speak to the supervisor, you never get a call back, but they will call and harass you about your payments. In today's poor economy mostly every individual is having some type of issues financially, and one would think that you could get some help from their creditors. Well, this is not one of them, they are there to make your life a living He--!!!

I would love to know who owned this company. whoe4

Los Angeles, California, United States #670807

Go sit behind your desk at Veros Jim and comment on some more posts. for your information we do pay are bills on time so F**K you!!!!!!!


So you take a loan, that you agreed to, and are having trouble paying it back - and it's THEIR fault? Pay your bills on time, problem goes away.

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