They aré a joke clara is also sofi and silvia this is bull *** they aré theives . They cheat you out of your money any one who wants to go against them with me contact me at arellanopainting91@yahoo i will not stop until they get what they deserve and clara gets smacked just because im in nc and shes in cali dont mean shes gonna treat.

Me like *** *** u veros. Burn in *** hijos de Su salada wanga madres todos de ustedes pinches putas que chingan a Su madre pudrese en el enferno al diablo *** ustedes

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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u guys are too funny!!!!!!!


hijos de su *** madre son unos irrespetuoso incompetentes los de veros credit bola de rateros le roba ala pobre gente sin papeles ..las putas q trabajan ahi no saben ni como atenderte..muertas de hambre como no sabe tratar ala gente bola de rateros..*** un pago q te tardes te amenazan *** quitarte el el carro y cuan do te faltas ya 3 pagos para liquidar tu cuenta trata de presionarte paraq pagues o te quitan el carro *** eso huevos actuan genta abran los ojos no mas veros credit ..


I just filed a plice report for the threats and harrasments that they have made to me. They have called my office over 50 times in one day.

I have never seen a mosre patetic company in my life. Hopefully there will be enough complaints tha tthey will be in trouble for their unlawful practices...

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