I hate this place so much. I had $1,800 left as a balance and they came and repoed my car so I went in and paid it off completely and then I had to wait 2 freaking days to get my car back and I called and no one knew what I was talking about. Never ever ever using this credit place again !!!

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I cant belive how they are stealing from their costumers...

Bakersfield, California, United States #992570

They are thieves. My balance online says 3508.40 and I called to verify the payoff and they tell me 3564.32.

Its b.s. They are stealing from customers. They will get theirs one day.

Never go through them again and do not recommend them to anyone I know. I am paying off the car today thank the Lord.


Same happened to me they are bunch of theives get a lawyer if anyone has a lawyer please contact me 7602347790 My statements never seemed to match mine they are making bussiness by stealing and fraud lets get together and sew this ***.Spread the word never buy from this thieves..

to victor #1161957

Hi victor can you email me your email at mpant001 at yahoo dot com I will explain more in detail through the email

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