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all i want to say is that the people that work at this company by the name of veros's credit have no kind of patience or any kind of education. i mean people because of people like us you guys have a job.

wouldn't you think they should be nice. it doesn't take that much a thank you,have a good day etc...

one day when there employees have no job thats when they will realize they are human too. and when people treat them like that they are not gonna enjoy it.so of anyone that works for this compamy please share with your coworkers,one day you might not have a job!

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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After reviewing the comments of the clients here.. I felt the need to express that Veros Credit is a sub-prime lending institution.

I do not work for them, I am working and have worked for prime lending institutions all of my career. I have turned down many loans that were approved by Veros and I am amazed that this company takes the risk to finance the people as they are either using multiple social security numbers, or have zero credit with lower incomes, or bad credit.

For those not familiar with this: The prices they charge are as a result of the risk they have to take to give clients a loan, on a depreciating asset that moves, like a car. They have to stay on top of customers because typically the clients are not accustomed to paying a car loan on time.

I have no issue with the owners of the company making money, after all they are in business. Prime banks also make money on volumes of loans and most people do not grieve at prime companies, because the clients tend to pay their bills on time, reducing the need to continuously collect.

Prime customers are also not in the habit of cursing via internet, and have a propensity to spell correctly and express themselves logically in writing to resolve a conflict.

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