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On 12/30/09, I purchased a car from an auto dealer, and it was financed through Veros Credit. In addition: My "Full Coverage" insurance (increased monthly payment) was provided through Veros Credit as well. In July of 2011, due to other financial obligations, Veros Credit offered me a payment extension for the Month of August 2011, with reduced payments from: Sept. through February 2012.

I went in their office, filled out the request form, and made a payment. on 08/13/11, I was involved in a car accident. I called the Veros Representative and informed him of the circumstances. on 08/20/11, I went to retrieve the vehicle from the Towing Company. Veros Credit had picked the car up on 08/16/11.

I called the Veros-Santa Ana Office, inquiring on the status of my car. I was informed that I was delinquent on the payment for August, and after being transferred to (4) different representatives, they would not give me any information regarding the vehicle. I was told I needed to make a payment before they could discuss the vehicle.

I am currently filing a complaint! At the time of the accident..., my account was current.

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Ok So i purchased a vehicle back in august. I was on time for 3 months then I was hospitalized and In ICU for a week.

My mom called them the day I was admitted and told them that the payment would be delayed a few days while she transferred funds from my account to hers to pay this payment. The lady was RUDE as *** to my mother I definitly have the convo recorded as I have an auto call recorder on my cell. My poor mom cried when she told me. I immediately called once i got out of the hospital made a payment and told the lady why was my mother so rudely spoken to when she told me that the lady who spoke with my mother had no business talking to her that way due to the fact i still had a 10 day grace period after the payment is due.

Since then they call me and harass my phone saying you owe a back payment...

when i have all the documentation from my card company and confirmation from them saying i paid! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCOuNDRALS



Agree! I have a loan and no problems.

Pay on time & keep communication. Dont lie & you will be cool


ive been financed with them and i havent had a problme with them at all. i make my payments on time and i dotn get bothered, yes i have a high interest but only my fault for once having bad credit.

they have helped me establish my credit and gave me a 2nd chance to do so.

i dont knwo why people get annoyed if they only paid their bills on time no body would be complaining, and when i am late they are more than glad to work with me. i dont mind them in escondido branch.


call you the repo dept and pay them up to date. unless your not allowed to get it back for some reason thats how i got mine back


hey I just got my care repo and I call in and they will not tell me how much I owe. They told me I have to wait and I need to take out my staff out the car. can anyone help me please.

Im just really desperate.At least to get my staff back out my car.


Hey just curious about how much where you behind


my vehicle got reposed on 3-15-12. I know i fell a little behind, but that's no reason to treat me disrespectful and lie to me.I contacted Veros credit 1 hour after i handed over my keys with money in hand and ready to pay as directed.

As of today(3-21-12) I still don't have my vehicle back.I have called four to five times a day and have not been given any direct information, only lies. Can someone tell me what the proper protocol is to retrieving my vehicle back.Every time I call I always have to deal with the same ***.I have requested to speak to someone else and he refuses to trans for me{ I'm still waiting for a call back}and to top it off, I only have less then a year to go(I have already paid 13,000)not trying to loss the vehicle.


It is a pattern of deceptive practice. I am a consumer advocate dealing with a similar case. You can contact me at

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